Horse's diary day 5

Horses diary

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Today's adventure started with a trip to a Chinese pharmacy. All of the medicine they sell is from natural herbs. Many people in China rely on traditional Chinese medicines rather than prescription medicines we might get from a doctor. During the visit, a Chinese traditional medicine doctor examined everyone by checking their pulse. Based on that, he made recommendations for herbs that might be helpful.

After the pharmacy, we went to the Temple of Heaven. The emperor held a ceremony at this place to celebrate a successful harvest. It was held the first day of the winter solace, or first day of winter. At the celebration, lots of food was cooked for the emperor and his officials.

After lunch, we got on a plane to fly to Shanghai. The flight lasted about two and a half hours. Mr. Z said the flight was about the same time it takes to fly from Pennsylvania to Florida. The take off was a little rough as the winds were blowing pretty hard.

Arriving in Shanghai, we were met by our new tour guide. After a hour bus ride, we got to Suzhou. Suzhou is one of the major manufacture places in China. They grow lots of food and have many factories. On the way to Suzhou, we passed the Makita plant, Bosch plant, and the YYK plant. If you look at the zipper on your clothes, you might see it was made by YYK. There were lots of other factories but their names were in Chinese so Mr. Z didn't a recognize most of them.