Safety & Wellness

Safety Notices

Abestos Notice (Dec. 2014)

Public Safety

Emergency Preparedness Guide --
A guide for what to do and whom to contact during emergencies such as fires, floods and chemical spills. -- The homepage of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency with instructions on what to do when faced with various emergencies.


Wellness PolicyPersons interested in participating in School Wellness may contact Denise Moschgat for information on wellness and meeting dates.   Ms. Moschgat may be reached at 814-736-9636 x1200.

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) -- Information about free or low-cost health insurance for children.
A-G Claims Procedure
Fillable Accident Report
K-12 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
Student Accident Claim Procedures

Student Accident Insurance

 Wellness Articles:

Weight Loss- Keeping it Off
The Guide to Metabolic Syndrome

The Heart and Mind Connection
Changing Diet to Lower Cholesterol

Managing Your Blood Sugar
What Are Your Numbers?
Memory and a Healthy Diet

Sprains & Strains
Children's Safety--Vehicle Precautions
10 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Healthcare Dollars
All About Anemia
Preventative Health Screenings for Women 
Stay Safe in the Sun
Fire Safety and Prevention
Fight Cancer with Food
What Are Staph Infections?
Managing Your Asthma

Physical Therapy for Good Health
Thyroid Health
Reducing Air Pollution 
Sleep Disorders
Chronic Kidney Disease