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     For most visitors, the easiest--if not always the fastest--way to get to Portage is from U.S. Route 22, exiting at Munster Road (Route 164), which leads directly to Portage Borough. Route 164 becomes Main Street as it passes through the borough. About midway through town, at Mountain Avenue, travelers should turn off Main Street (there's only one direction to turn) and head up the hill, where they'll find both the elementary and junior-senior highs at the top of the street.  The junior-senior high (grades 7-12) is to the right, and the elementary school is on the left.  The superintendent's and business offices occupy the righthand side of the elementary school.

Approximate Travel Times & Distances:
Johnstown -- 22 miles, 30 min.
Altoona -- 29 miles, 35 min.
Pittsburgh -- 85 miles, 1.75 hrs.
Harrisburg -- 135 miles, 2.5 hrs.
Philadelphia -- 240 miles, 4.25 hrs.
Washington, D.C. -- 180 miles, 3.5 hrs.

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Quick Contacts:  Phone  Address
Superintendent's Office 814-736-9636 ext. 1200   84 Mountain Ave., Portage, PA 15946
High School Office

814-736-9636 ext. 1260

Fax: 814-736-9597

 85 Mountain Ave., Portage, PA 15946
Elementary School Office

814-736-9636 ext. 1420

Fax: 814-736-4165

 84 Mountain Ave., Portage, PA 15946
Business Office 814-736-9636 ext. 1230  84 Mountain Ave., Portage, PA 15946
Athletic Director's Office 814-736-9636 ext. 1360  85 Mountain Ave., Portage, PA 15946

For complete staff directories, use the following links:

Administrative Staff
High School Staff
Elementary School Staff
Coaching Staff