Dial 814-736-9636 Plus Extension


Name Phone Ext.  Email  Position

Bagby, Amy

  abagby@mustangmail.org Aide

Baker, Becky 

  bbaker@mustangmail.org  Aide
Bandzuh, Elena 1301 ebandzuh@mustangmail.org

Main Office

Bartoletti, Kris 3125 kbartoletti@mustangmail.org


Bearer, Bill 3106 wbearer@mustangmail.org Tech Ed.
Bednarski, Renee 1310 rbednarski@mustangmail.org Guidance Office
Burda, Scott 3211 sburda@mustangmail.org Learning Support
Burkett, Jeremy  1321 athletics@mustangmail.org
Athletic Director
Dean of Students
Burkett, Josh 3115 jaburkett@mustangmail.org Social Studies
Driver's Education
Cecere, Ralph 1300 rcecere@mustangmail.org Principal
Chappell, Kay   kchappell@mustangmail.org Aide
Chobany, Becky  3101   bchobany@mustangmail.org Life Skills Aide
Clouse, Ryan 1520 rclouse@mustangmail.org Tech. Coordinator
Dividock, Lisa 1370 ldividock@mustangmail.org Nurse
Donoughe, Amanda 3125 adonoughe@mustangmail.org Emotional & Autistic Support/Transition
Fisher, Kayla 3218 kfisher@mustangmail.org Reading 
Fox, Michael  3126 mfox@mustangmail.org English 
Gailey, Dominique   dgailey@mustangmail.org Aide
Gdula, Sara 3107 sgdula@mustangmail.org Family Consumer Sci. 
George, Mary Ann 1311 mageorge@mustangmail.org Guidance Office
Gorba, Bernie 3203 bgorba@mustangmail.org Science
Gossard, Kyle 1341 kgossard@mustangmail.org Music & Band
Gribbin, Kristen 3217 kgribbin@mustangmail.org Business/Comp. Sci.
Herman, Vivian 1540 vherman@mustangmail.org Library 
Hunt, Nicole 3120 nhunt@mustangmail.org Learning Support/History
James, Ashley 3213  ajames@mustangmail.org Mathematics 
Johnson, Tyler  3117  tjohnson@mustangmail.org Social Studies 
Jubina, Bryan 3222 bjubina@mustangmail.org Social Studies
Kargo, Travis 3114 tkargo@mustangmail.org Learning Support 
Kassick, Chuck 3121 ckassick@mustangmail.org English
Kenny, Mary 3206 mkenny@mustangmail.org Science
Kerch, Sonny 1302 skerch@mustangmail.org Main Office
Kick, Marsha 1320 mkick@mustangmail.org A.D. Office
Kowalski, John  1615 jkowalski@mustangmail.org School Psychologist 
Link, Dennis 3103 dlink@mustangmail.org Tech. Ed.
Lutz, Tina 3109 tlutz@mustangmail.org Mathematics
Miller, Phillip 3215 pmiller@mustangmail.org
Noel, Pete  1605   pnoel@mustangmail.org Dir. of Special Education 
Panick, Nicole 3116 npanick@mustangmail.org Mathematics
Peles, Dana 1342 dpeles@mustangmail.org Music/Chorus
Price, Gayle 3201/3220 gprice@mustangmail.org English, Science
Randall, Brian 3118 brandall@mustangmail.org Mathematics
Slanoc, Marty 3125 mslanoc@mustangmail.org Drivers' Ed./Health
Smithmyer, John 1382 jsmithmyer@mustangmail.org Cafeteria Mgr.
Szpala, Jen  3101  jszpala@mustangmail.org Life Skills 
Walls, Mary 3216 mwalls@mustangmail.org English 
Williams, Tara 3104 twilliams@mustangmail.org Art