Student Assistance Program
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The Junior/Senior High has an active Student Assistance Team comprised of trained professionals who identify and assist students with mental, social, physical and/or environmental issues that are preventing them from succeeding in the classroom. Our SAP team collects data from a variety of sources and meets with both the student and parent/caregiver to develop a plan to get the student the assistance he/she needs to succeed.  The team has many resources available to help students through these trying issues.  If you are aware of a student needing assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the JR/SR High guidance office and ask to speak with a member of the Student Assistance Team.  Student Assistance Referral Form

SAP Team Members:

Mr. Ralph J. Cecere Jr., Principal                                                           Click Here for Available Resources

Mr. Jeremy Burkett, Dean of Students, AD                                             Abbreviations and Slang to Know

Mrs. Mary-Ann George, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Lisa Dividock, Nurse

Mrs. Tara Williams, Teacher

Mr. Ray Peterman, Cambria County Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Liaison