Independent Reading Policy Grades 4 through 6


The state recommends that every student reads 25 books during the course of a school year. The Independent Reading Policy will ensure that this recommendation is carried out by all students and will provide consistency in carrying out this recommendation. The reading teachers from grades four, five, and six have met with administrators to write this policy.

 Accelerated Reader is a computer based program that provides short quizzes on a large variety of books. This is a quick and easy way to for students and teachers to keep track of the books students have read. Students must earn a 60% or higher on each quiz in order for the points to count. Accelerated Reader points will be converted into a 60 point grade for Reading class each marking period.

 The following is a breakdown of the points that students will be required to earn each nine week marking period:



Points from
Leveled Readers

Points from
Other AR Tests

Total for
9 Weeks

Grade 4     2.5 3.5 6
Grade 5 2.5 5.5 8
Grade 6 2.5 7.5 10

Leveled Readers are short stories that accompany each unit in the students’ Reading text books. Each leveled Reader quiz (taken on the Accelerated Reader program) is worth .5 points. This means each student in grades 4, 5, and 6 must read and pass quizzes for 5 Leveled Readers per nine weeks.

 Students should be selecting books from a variety of genres (i.e. autobiography, biography, non fiction, mystery, realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, myths, fantasy, and poetry).

 The books that students choose to read should be at or above their independent reading level.

 Students may work ahead to fulfill their requirements.

 Books that have quizzes available will be marked with a red circle sticker as time allows. The quiz list has become too large to print, but the entire this can be found and searched at this website: .

 During the summer, students can work ahead by taking reading quizzes in the high school library. Prior to summer break, the library’s hours will be publicly announced.

 Guidelines for Learning Support students will be adapted and adjusted to the child’s ability level through his/her Individual Education Plan.