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Mrs. Erzal

We Love First Grade!!!!!! 

Classroom Rules


Please follow directions of staff.

Remember to walk on school property.

In school, use kind words and actions.

Do keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Everyone will take care of our school property.



~ Students will receive a sticker or stamp in their agenda each day for good behavior.


~First & second offense: you receive a warning

~Third, you lose time at recess &/or your stamp in your agenda.  You may even receive a note


Homework Schedule 


·         You can normally expect homework Monday through Thursday.


·         Their homework will be listed on 1 sheet of paper and will be placed inside their homework folder.


·         Parents, please be sure to sign your child’s homework & agenda every night.







 ·         Every Friday I will send home a newsletter with the kids. It will contain a tentative list of what I intend to cover in each subject for the week. It will also include important notes, reminders, or updates that are going on that week.

 ·         The students will receive 5 or 6 sight words each week that are to be practiced every night at home. These will be stapled to the newsletter.

 ·         After the first 6 weeks of school, the students will start having spelling tests. The spelling list will be stapled to the newsletter as well.





Special Class Schedule

 Monday: Art

 Tuesday: Music

 Wednesday: Physical Education

 Thursday: Library/Guidance (alternates each week)

 Friday: (special class rotates each nine weeks)

   Art (1st 9 weeks)

    Music (2nd 9 weeks)

    Phys. Ed. (3rd 9 weeks)

    Library/Guidance (4th 9 weeks)