Horse's diary day 1/2

Horse's diary

Horse's diary

Hi everyone. I am Horse. Some of you may have seen me sitting on the desk in Mr. Z's office. I am a beanie baby stuffed animal made long ago.

Mr. Z asked me to keep a diary of our trip. I didn't know what a diary was until he explained. Do any of you keep a diary? I think he is going to share mine with everyone on the school's web site. How neat is that?

Day 1/2

Today we got up at three in the morning. We had to leave the house early to meet the bus in Huntingdon. Mr Z. said there were 14 people and me going on the trip. From Huntingdon, the bus was driving us to New York City to catch the plane from the JFK airport.

The bus ride was suppose to take about five hours but our driver got bad directions. Somehow we ended up in Chinatown in downtown New York. After lots of turns and narrow streets, we finally got headed back towards the airport. I guess it was ok as we saw lots of Chinese writing and stores.

At the airport, we had to wait a long time before our flight left. So we had some lunch at McDonalds and watched people. One group of high school kids were on their way to Poland for a school trip. Wow.

Finally we got our seat assignments and went through airport security. Good thing I don't have steel horseshoes. Mr Z. Had to empty his pockets and take off his watch, glasses, and belt.

Finally at 4:25 in the afternoon, our airplane took off. It was a big plane with lots of seats. We didn't get a window seat so we had to sit in the middle row that had four seats. It didn't matter anyway because they made everyone close the window shades shortly after we were in the air.

The flight lasted a long time, 14 hours actually. They even served us food while on the plane. We had our choice of beef and noodles or fish and rice. Everyone spoke Chinese but they repeated it in English so we could understand. Even the movie they showed in the plane was Chinese. Boy is that a long time to sit. Mr. Z and I walked up and down the aisles a few times to stretch our legs.

Finally we landed in Shanghai. It's the largest city in the China. Over 23 million people live there. But we didn't have time to see much. We had another flight to catch headed to Beijing.

At 11:30 in the evening, we met our guide May when we got off the plane in Beijing. She is Chinese but speaks English. After getting our luggage, we boarded another bus to take us to our hotel.

We tried to sleep some but we are on Pennsylvania time. While here it was one in the morning on Saturday, it's one in the afternoon on Friday in Portage. They call this jet lag. Mr. Z says in a day or so I will be ok. It's important for us to get some rest because tomorrow is a big day. Beijing is the capital of China. We are going to see lots of things. Beijing is the political, cultural, and educational center of China.