Horse's diary day 7

Horse's diary

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The first stop in Hangzhou was the Longjing tea plantation. There we learned how tea is grown, harvested, and prepared for use. Workers in the fields of tea bushes pick only the newest sprouts. Then they are dried for eight hours by stirring the leaves by hand in a big bowl, laying them on a mat, then stirring them again in the bowl. The women harvest the leaves and the men do the drying. The plantation we visited produces tea known as the emperor's tea because of high quality. It is called Dragon Well Green Tea.

Next we visited the centuries old Lingyin Temple. On the walk into the temple, there are lots of statues carved into the mountainside. They are hundreds of years old. Entering the temple grounds, lots of people were burning incense and praying. Mr. Z took my picture in the one pagoda with a huge Buddha statue. This particular Buddha statue was for healing and good health.

From the temple, we rode the bus to West Lake. Along the way, all of the streets were lined with trees and bushes. It was like a nice walk in the woods. Once at the Lake, we took a boat ride. Along the shore were more pagodas. But on the one side, we could see the city skyline with all its buildings and skyscrapers. It was very pretty with the mountains and city.

Now we are on the way to Shanghai for our final few days in China.