Horse's diary day 8

Horse's diary

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What is the fastest you've ever gone on the ground? Today I got to go over 250 mph. We took a ride on the maglev train from the business section of Shanghai to the airport and back. The maglev train isn't like the one that goes through Portage. Instead of riding on wheels and a track, the maglev rides on a magnetic field. The train actually doesn't touch the ground as it zips along its path. A trip that takes 40 minutes by car took us less than six in the train. It was fast.

Next, we went to the Silk Rug Factory. They make rugs with pretty patterns from silk. They weave the pattern by hand. Some of the bigger rugs with fancy patterns take two people up to a year to make. Mr. Z took my picture by one of the workers while she was working on the loom. The guide said it would take her six months to make this smaller rug.

After lunch, we visited the Bund waterfront park. It is an elevated walkway along the river. On the East side of the river is the business area with many tall skyscrapers. Lots of boats and barges filled with sand went up and down the river while we watched. One of the skyscrapers looked like a needle with a ball on it. It is used as a communication tower for the city. Another looks like a bottle opener. Work was being done on a new building which is going to be the highest in all of China. It is suppose to be finished in 2014.

Our last stop was at a Chinese bazaar. This was Mr. Z's last chance to buy souvenirs in China. He didn't waste the opportunity. He laughed as we were leaving wondering if he had room in his suitcase to pack all the things he bought. For the most part, he bought more horses. I suppose they remind him of the Portage Mustangs.

When we were finished shopping, we went to a tea room to sample many different kinds of tea. The girl who was showing us all the teas was very nice. She told me she liked some of the American actors. Her favorite is Bruce Willis. She also knew the song by John Denver called "take me home country roads." She sounded funny when she sang it. She also like Taylor Swift.

We leave tomorrow morning at seven in the morning. This will be my last diary entry until we get home. China was a very interesting place. In the last twenty years it has gone from a simple country to a very modern one.