Pony's diary - Day 1

Saturday - March 8

After suffering through the brutual winter we've had here in Central Pennsylvania, I was more than happy to accept the invitation from JT Bandzuh to travel with him to Costa Rica. He told me we'd be visiting a number of places to see how sick people are treated in Costa Rica and maybe see some other stuff too.


This morning, we had to get up very early to start our journey. We boarded a plane at 6 am then flew to Miami, Florida. Then we changed planes and flew to San Jose, Costa Rica. It was afternoon when we finally got here and were we ever hungry. We had a meal of black beans and rice called gallo pinto, beef, chicken, vegetables, and a fresh fruit smoothie. Yum.

After such a busy day of traveling, we didn't look around long before it was time to call it a night. JT and I are very tired.