Pony's diary - Day 2

After a good night's sleep, JT and I got up very early to get started seeing Costa Rica. Our first stop was to a farm called Doka Estate. On the farm, their primary crop is coffee. Wow. A coffee farm.


Coffee is made from beans that grow on trees. But these trees are trimmed and look more like bushes than what we have at home. Some of these trees are over one hundred years old and they are still producing coffee beans. The farm is very big and is lined with pretty flowers and other trees.


After visiting Doka Estate, JT told me we were going to go visit a volcano. I was a little afraid but he told me we would be safe; that the volcano was dormant. That means it wasn't erupting like the one's I've seen pictures of on TV. JT said the volcano is called Poas.


Poas is located very high in the mountains. It is over 7,700 above sea level. That's more than a mile high! It was so high the clouds actually covered the top of the mountains making it hard for JT to take a good picture of me there. Bummer. I wish I could have showed everyone the beautiful lake up there.


We spent the rest of the day hiking on the trails and looking for wildlife. To keep our energy up, we ate lots of fresh fruit along the way. At the end of the day we were both very tired but we had so much fun exploring.