This year, along with writing various narrative, persuasive, and poetic pieces throughout the year, students will be taking part in two important writing activities. These activities are meant to encourage the students to find a particular writing style that is of great interest. In doing so, the writings will be more creative and develop the skills needed to move forward into the high school curriculum.

     The first important writing assignment has really flourished since its beginning. Have You "Herd?" is the title of the upcoming elementary newspaper that is to have its first publication out at the end of October. Students in sixth grade are actively gathering information through interviews and research, writing articles,  and organizing the layout for the paper. It's amazing to see the interest and hard work that is pouring out of the students daily!  Be sure to watch for the newspaper soon.  It is my hope that a link to the newspaper will be added here soon.

      The other important writing assignment that the students are venturing into is their very own published book. Each classroom is working together to write drafts, proofread, and rewrite final copies of their stories in order to form the pages of the book.  Once the writing is completed, students will illustrate their stories prior to publishing. Parents will be given the opportunity to purchase this book closer to its publication date. It is a neat momento to save for your child, as well as a great way to interest him/her in writing.