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Physical Mandate Information

Attention Parent(s)/Guardians- of students in Kindergarten, 6th and 11th grade:

Please note those parents/guardians who have given written consent to have the Kdg, 6th and 11th grade mandated (Department of School Health of Pennsylvania) on campus for their child; the physicals will be completed by our school physician- Dr. Mark Ratchford, on May 3rd, 


Time:   0800 am for Juniors in the HS

                             Kdg and 6th graders to follow

Place:  HS nurse office for the Juniors
             Elem Nurse for the Kdg & 6th Graders.

Parents are welcome to attend/accompany their child to the exam.  
Should questions arise please contact the School Nurse in your respective buildings.  
High School - Lisa Dividock 814-736-9636, ext. 1370
Elem School - Laura Glass   814-736-9636, ext. 127

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Portage Area School District Special Education Plan 2024-2027

Portage Area School District Special Education Plan 2024-2027

Follow the link above to review the proposed Portage Area School District special education plan for the 2024-2027 school years.  Part of the approval process as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education is to have the plan available for public review for 28 days prior to School Board approval, to allow questions and comments submitted to the district from community members.  If you have questions or comments on the plan, please contact the Portage Area Special Education Department by dialing 814-736-9636 extension 1605 or emailing the Special Education Director, Troy Eppley, at teppley@mustangmail.org.

IDEA Policy Change Notice

Click HERE for information on the IDEA policy revision