Student Assistance

The Junior/Senior High has an active Student Assistance Team comprised of trained professionals who identify and assist students with mental, social, physical and/or environmental issues that are preventing them from succeeding in the classroom. Our SAP team collects data from a variety of sources and meets with both the student and parent/caregiver to develop a plan to get the student the assistance he/she needs to succeed.  The team has many resources available to help students through these trying issues.  If you are aware of a student needing assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the JR/SR High guidance office and ask to speak with a member of the Student Assistance Team. 

SAP Team Members:

Mr. Jeremy Burkett, Principal

Mrs. Krystal Smith, Assistant Principal                                          

Mrs. Mary-Ann George, Guidance Counselor

Mr. Troy Eppley, Special Education Director

Mrs. Ashley Shaffer, Social Worker

Mrs. Lisa Dividock, Nurse

Ms. Sarah Blaylock, School Psychologist

Mr. Steve Larson, RISE Counselor

Mr. Ray Peterman, Cambria County Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Liaison


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