Overdrive E-Book Lending Service

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PAHS E-Book Collection

PAES E-Book Collection

      To acquire an e-book from the schools' collections, you must first have an Overdrive username and password provided by the PAHS or PAES Library.

      The PASD Libraries are currently working with the Overdrive company to offer an e-book lending service for junior-senior high and elementary students. Patrons can check out books any day at any hour. The service will work with computers, digital tablets, e-book readers and smart phones; however, phones and phone lookalikes cannot be used in the high school. (Click here for list of supported devices.)

      The digital library has a relatively small number of books compared to the libraries' bound collections, but, assuming all goes well, the digital collections will expand quickly. 

Need Help?

-- Take your e-book device to the school library for a practice download.
-- Visit http://help.overdrive.com for a list of supported devices and tutorials about downloading books.